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Mint a Free Guy

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We have received numerous reports of Free Guys acting up, 7,000 to be exact. Some are in for carjacking, others for arson, and a few have even been accused of murder. As a holder, it is your mission to convince us of your Free Guy's innocence. Several weeks after mint, a snapshot will be taken and holders will be messaged a detailed description of their Free Guy's crime. Your task will be to respond to this message with a brief paragraph explaining why your Free Guy is innocent. You'll have to get creative for this. Depending on how convincing you are, you will either receive a Guilty Free Guy or a far rarer Innocent Free Guy. We'll see you in court.

According to The Innocence Project, it is estimated that 1 percent of the US prison population, approximately 20,000 people, are falsely convicted. The idea of innocent people losing their freedom absolutely horrified us, which is why we decided to make "freedom” the central theme of our project. Free Guys, free mint, free everything. Whether it be witness tampering, systemic racism, fabricated evidence, or trial misconduct that is to blame for all of these false convictions, it is evident that something must be done to improve the American justice system. While spreading awareness is important, we plan to take action. A portion of secondary revenue will be donated to a prison reform charity of our community’s choosing.

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The Judge



Wen mint?

7,000 Free Guys will become available to mint on January 27th. Whitelist sale will occur from 12:00 - 5:00 pm EST. The rest will be for sale at 5:30 pm EST. Once sold out, listed Free Guys will be available for purchase on OpenSea.


Where does my Free Guy go after I purchase it?

Your Free Guy NFT will appear in whatever address or connected wallet you used to purchase the Free Guy.

How can I get involved?

Come say “hello” in our Discord! We want you to feel welcomed because your ideas and feedback are important to us. Be careful though, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. 

Why would Devs release an NFT for free?

We were tired of being priced out of expensive drops so we wanted to launch a project that would be accessible to everyone. Sure, we could’ve sold Free Guys for as low as .01 ETH, but 0 sounds a lot better than .01! Not only are expensive drops riskier, but they make it impossible for those in low-income to enter the NFT space. Instead of making money upfront, our compensation depends on the future involvement of the Free Guys community. 


What happened with the former founders? Is this a rug?

Former founders are no longer involved in the project. A thread covering why can be seen here. No, this is not a rug. 

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